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You can find information about the issues recently reported in the press here: 



You can find information about the issues recently reported in the press here:





Updated: 6.2.18

On Tuesday the 6th of February 2018 we celebrated E-Safety day.

There were with some fantastic activities and projects for pupils and a workshop for parents. For more links you can see the 'links page' of our app, the 'internet matters' app on the school iPads or   there are also some great tips for staying safe below!    

Check out this e-Safety Video to help you discuss the dangers of sharing information online. 



Childnet International is a website dedicated to

keeping children safe online.


CEOP lets children report problems and abuse. 

 KidSMART is aimed at educating children

           on keeping safe online. 

CBBC Stay Safe has more and videos to learn

more about online safety.  




Further Info!                            

The internet is a fantastic tool that we can all use to help us in many different ways.  It can be used to help our learning, but it can also be used to play games and keep in touch with our friends!


It is very important that you know how to use the internet safely so that you can enjoy online activities without getting yourself into any danger.


Please watch the video at the bottom of the page and make sure that you read our 'Acceptable use policy' to see what steps you can take to stay safe. Remember to report anything upsetting to an adult so that steps can be taken to ensure it doesn't happen again.


In every classroom and on every iPad you'll find a copy of the SMART rules and you can remind yourself of them by reading them below!  

Take a look at these e-Saftey posters made by our pupils.